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2012-05-13 02:40 pm

A Mother's Day Treat

Sometimes you can spell ``mother`` with ```C-R-A-Z-Y`... )

It's nice to think she may love me in spite of me being me, yes.
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2011-08-14 07:18 pm

A Tour

Just... so much pink. )

It's true, you know. About ninjas.
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2011-08-07 06:45 pm

And So We Meet the Nephew

And really, who didn't see this coming. )

Oh come on, you can't imagine they're related?

(I know, I should have text bubbles. But it was a little hard to want to cover up all that... "color".)
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2011-01-16 12:05 pm

The Locals Are Weird

Maybe riding at night is just... safer. )

Sorry about the radio silence, guys. Hope this makes up for it. A little.
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2010-12-24 06:47 pm

Happy Holidays!

In which toys receive toys. )

Be safe and warm and eat good food, all.
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2010-12-05 03:47 pm

Concerns Arise

But we wouldn`t want Dante to get whiny. )

Apologies for missing yet another week, but allergies + physical complications = screw the rest of the world, I'm playing dead for a little while. Better now!
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2010-11-23 07:34 pm

The Extent of My Holiday Cheer

Okay, okay, so I didn't update on Sunday. I had to clean! And work! I'll make it up! ...Sort of.

Read more... )
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2010-10-28 10:31 pm

Have a Safe and Sugar-Filled Halloween

Happy (Boozey) Halloween, all! This is your assurance that Devil May Look on in Horror will return next Sunday!
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2010-09-19 03:27 pm

It's Not Like I Have an Explanation for This

I mean, I don`t. I really don`t. )

Yes, I kind of skipped last week. No, this doesn't make up for it at all.
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2010-08-28 11:51 pm

Demons Are So Very Talented, You Know

Especially with their hands. )

Also, I have clearly gotten into the habit of looking at panels from right to left. This is interesting and yet disturbing. Must try to stop doing that.